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Let’s face it, we live in a time where everything has to be done fast, easy and cheap. Unfortunately, the Kiteboarding lessons industry hasn’t escaped this trend. Newbies are being sold the dream of learning to kite in just a few hours, cruising around effortlessly on their boards, independent and safe.

The sad part is that most students, even those who wanted proper training, simply don’t realize that the product they actually bought is much closer to a kitesurfing experience rather than a good lesson. Don’t get me wrong, students getting a kitesurfing experience can have a pretty awesome time as well.

Lessons are oversimplified and the focus is put on getting on to the board quickly. The only way to achieve this is to skip (or go very quickly over) an impressive amount of fundamental skills. This, of course, is often done in shallow waters with constant assistance from the instructor.

As a result, the majority of students completing their lessons aren’t independent at all and need to be re-trained if they really wish to become genuinely independent kitesurfers.

The simplest way to evaluate the quality of your training is not to watch what the instructor says or does but to ask yourself what do you know and what are you competent at doing without the help of your instructor?

Through many years of re-training hundreds of students, I took notes of the most common knowledge and skills that were lacking from these under-trained kiters and would like to share this with everyone in my first blog post:

The idea is to give to everyone a comprehensive tool to self-assess the quality of their training as well as a tool to help them understand their strengths and weaknesses.

My ultimate hope is that schools offering kitesurfing experiences actually market their product as such and that schools offering average lessons up their game to offering good lessons.

Thanks for reading. As usual I’d love to hear from your experiences and get some feed-back.